Sirkka-Liisa Zahel

Seepenweg 7, 44229 Dortmund, Germany

Phone: +49 172 4345209

Exhibition tour: By arrangement

The artist was born in finnish Lapland. After school she moved to Germany, started studying business economics in Munich and graduated in the specialist field tourism. Parallel to her conventional everyday life, her creative vein urged her to start an artistic career. Starting with studies in aquarelle and chalk for the academy of fine arts in Munich, she also developed her skills in painting with acrylic- and oil-paints and eventually in the field of photography. Her studies got supported by a multitude of impressions and experiences, which she acquired during her many relocations in Germany and her multiannual visit to the United States. Since her return to Germany in 2013 the artist focusses on the creation of unicums, photo-reproductions, cards and printings.

Sirkka-Liisa Zahel:
Art is my world and has shaped my entire life. To create these pieces of art I use different techniques: Watercolour, chalk, oil-colours, acrylic paints and increasingly digital photography. It is fascinating to capture nature's beauty and to make it accessible to the observer, crasping moods and elements and concealing secrets in abstract works. I invite you to take a look at my art and let it inspire you.

Enchanting moments

A GyroskopeAcrylic on canvas 2003, 50x70cm
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